Sunday, April 17, 2016

Book 5: Vigilante's Awakening is OUT!

Mia has her first mission!

The hot series that began with The Vigilante's Lover finds its new beginning as Mia enters the world's most powerful network of mercenaries and spies. 

Mia never thought she’d kill a man. 

She’s been trained in ways she couldn’t have imagined back in her sheltered small-town days. Threat analysis. Interrogation. How to incapacitate someone double her size. 

And how to finish a job, however it must end. 

Her lover Jax, who was in line to take over the Vigilante network, seems to care more about his marriage proposal than their exciting life ahead. She makes him a promise: just one mission, and she’ll come back and answer his burning question. 

But she had no idea the job would be like this. Someone doesn’t want her to be a Vigilante, and even Jax and his powerful network can’t seem to protect her. 

She may not be coming back at all. 

New to the Vigilante World? Catch up with the boxed set of books 1-4 in paperback, ebook OR audio!

An addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy/JJ Knight 

Mia trembles as she reads the letter that arrives from Ridley Prison. 

Seduction. Bondage ropes. Descriptions of things Mia has never experienced or known. 

The man’s words are desperately passionate. He longs for a woman who must have given him a fake address. Mia’s address. 

She plans to send the letter back. He’s a convicted felon. 

But his words gnaw at her. She’s never done anything dangerous. And no man has ever talked to her like this. 

So Mia writes him, pretending to be the woman he desires. 

It's her one dark thrill in her dull, solitary small-town life. 

The man is in prison for another fifteen years. 

It's harmless. She is safe enough. 

Until he escapes. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vigilante's Lover audio! Listen for free!

The first time I heard Gordon Palagi's voice, I just KNEW he was Jax.

In The Vigilante's Lover, Jax is a covert spy who has been double crossed by an ex-lover. He thinks he is planning a prison escape with a comrade, but the girl behind the letters is actually...

Mia, a small-town girl whose aunt has just died.

She's been writing sexy letters to a prisoner to pass the time, a secret thrill.

She has no idea he's about to show up at her door.

Click below for a listen!

Even if you have read the series, I urge you to take a listen. Gordon as Jax and our female narrator Samantha as Mia make the book come alive.

AND, you can read the first two books FREE!

Audible lets you do a free trial and try two books.
Even if you cancel, you get to keep the books.

Here's how:

Go to the Vigilante's Lover page. It should look like this:


Then confirm it. And BOOM, sit back, relax, and listen to Jax while you take a bubble bath, or cook dinner, or drive to work.

I hope you love it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Vigilante's Lover series is complete!

The day finally came!


It's been an amazing ride!

I've had such a great time! Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Full Series Links:

The Vigilante's Lover
Book One is FREE

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Spies, vengeance, and one seriously well-dressed man
"If Bourne dressed like Bond and acted like Grey, you'd have Jax De Luca."

The Vigilante's Lover #2
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BN --
If this is what it’s like to be a captive, Mia wants to be a prisoner forever.
If she says yes, there is no going back.
The Vigilante's Lover # 3
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The Vigilantes have obliterated Mia’s past, but Jax is her future
If he can keep them both alive.

The Vigilante's Lover #4

If it's time to die, Mia and Jax want to make their final days count.
In this final installment of The Vigilante's Lover, Jax must find his way to Mia before time runs out on them both.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Is it really almost over?

It's been 10 months since Tony and I got the idea for Vigilante's Lover.

We were driving to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans, and I realized -- HEY, I have a meeting with an editor!

And I had no book to pitch!

We knew we couldn't easily offer up my series as JJ Knight, as it was already well under way. And I was also in the middle of my Forever series as Deanna Roy.

So we started all over with a new name and a new idea. Take Jason Bourne, whom we both loved, make him as slick and well-dressed as James Bond, and give him a kickin' romantic partner.

We came up with the initial idea during that car ride in May. While the editor loved it and wanted it, we ultimately decided a serial was a better format and started planning to release it on our own. At one point, we had an entire wall covered with notes and outlines so we could get a handle on the Vigilante world.

From May to October we outlined, researched, and argued over plot points. Future setting? Current? What about this jail that had Jax? How many letters? How long should they write each other?

We had to study knots and write letters that could work both as escape planning and love notes.

We wrote the series starting November 1 and finished it March 6.

We've had a blast.

The final book will come out in late March. After that, we're not sure what's in store for Jax and Mia. When you get to the end, you'll see we've left an opportunity for more story even though this particular plot line is completely wrapped up. Right now we're considering a possible single spin off called The Vigilante's Revenge in the fall.

We've loved meeting all the fans. Tony and I be together signing books at the Austin Author Affair in May and the Romance Writers of America Convention in New York in July. We hope to meet some of you!

Friday, January 23, 2015

What an amazing launch it has been!

Wow! Tony and I have been BLOWN AWAY by the response to Vigilante's Lover. I mean, WOW.

Here are just a few review quote from book bloggers:

Cue some kinky bondage and a sizzling attraction that neither one can deny. -- Mazzy’s Book Reviews

These letters would get anyone's blood flowing and panties dripping....Oh Jax, Jax, Jax. You sweet talker you. – Got More Books

I am hooked!Four Chicks Flipping Pages

I’m intrigued and excited about The Vigilante’s Lover!Tumbleweed Book Reviews

An intoxicating and addicting read. -- Country Gals Sexy Reads

Vigilante #2 will arrive in just a few days. We are hard at work on Vigilante #3. Now that we're working through the story,  it appears the love story between Mia and Jax will wrap up in four volumes. So this entire series should be done in March.

Thank you for your amazing support! We are just...speechless!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First sneak peeks at The Vigilante's Lover!

The book is done and off to beta readers right now. We've been amazed at how much interest there is in the series already!

Here's a tiny sneak peek! Newletter subscribers and Facebook fans are getting more!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Vigilante's Lover is coming!

Prison pen pal? Check.
Nautical knots used as bondage? Check.
High tech crime fighters? Check.
Sexytimes? Oh, yeah.

I'm super excited that my series of romantic suspense, The Vigilante's Lover, will be coming in January 2015!

I'm working with author Tony West on this project. Between his amazing characters of Jax, Sam, and Colette, and my fair heroine, the lost, drifting, naive Mia, we're going to do fabulous things.

You can meet the Vigilantes, who were Tony's brainchild, in the Fight for Her series (#3 and #4) by JJ Knight. The Vigilantes are as hard-core as the A-Team, but as slick as James Bond.

Tony's good with the high-tech crime-fighting gadgetry and action sequences, and I've turned it into a kissing book.

We can't wait to get started!

Annie & Tony