Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vigilante's Lover audio! Listen for free!

The first time I heard Gordon Palagi's voice, I just KNEW he was Jax.

In The Vigilante's Lover, Jax is a covert spy who has been double crossed by an ex-lover. He thinks he is planning a prison escape with a comrade, but the girl behind the letters is actually...

Mia, a small-town girl whose aunt has just died.

She's been writing sexy letters to a prisoner to pass the time, a secret thrill.

She has no idea he's about to show up at her door.

Click below for a listen!

Even if you have read the series, I urge you to take a listen. Gordon as Jax and our female narrator Samantha as Mia make the book come alive.

AND, you can read the first two books FREE!

Audible lets you do a free trial and try two books.
Even if you cancel, you get to keep the books.

Here's how:

Go to the Vigilante's Lover page. It should look like this:


Then confirm it. And BOOM, sit back, relax, and listen to Jax while you take a bubble bath, or cook dinner, or drive to work.

I hope you love it!