Monday, October 27, 2014

The Vigilante's Lover is coming!

Prison pen pal? Check.
Nautical knots used as bondage? Check.
High tech crime fighters? Check.
Sexytimes? Oh, yeah.

I'm super excited that my series of romantic suspense, The Vigilante's Lover, will be coming in January 2015!

I'm working with author Tony West on this project. Between his amazing characters of Jax, Sam, and Colette, and my fair heroine, the lost, drifting, naive Mia, we're going to do fabulous things.

You can meet the Vigilantes, who were Tony's brainchild, in the Fight for Her series (#3 and #4) by JJ Knight. The Vigilantes are as hard-core as the A-Team, but as slick as James Bond.

Tony's good with the high-tech crime-fighting gadgetry and action sequences, and I've turned it into a kissing book.

We can't wait to get started!

Annie & Tony