Thursday, December 5, 2019

Love Spell Academy Book 2 has arrived!


Apparently there’s a college for magical people.
And I’m in.

I have bodyguards and an entire brigade of pixies who cater to my every whim.

Including doing my hair, which gets curlier every time I do the deed. I’ve got ringlets that would rival Shirley Temple.

That’s because my most important job right now is my harem. The candidates tattoo their names on my arms in sparkly colored letters.

I look like a mermaid biker.

How am I supposed to decide between all these hot guys? I can’t take them all!

Can I?

I already have sweet Caleb.
Outrageously sexy Phantom.

And Merrick.
Who turns out to be my professor.

Then there’s Dare, the rebel.
And Andrew. And Justin.

The only problem with all these choices?

Somebody wants them dead.


Did you miss book one?


 I should have listened to the snarky ferret.

A hilarious Academy Paranormal Romance about parents, shagging, underdogs, and the perfect love potion

I thought flunking out of college was the worst thing that could happen.

But then my mother’s ferret told me I was doomed.

I really should have paid more attention.

Now I have a boy stalking me through a pewter bowl (don’t ask, just know he kisses like fire.)

Some dark enchanter is trying to kidnap me to make golden babies. (No, not literally gold. I mean, I don’t think so.)

And apparently I’m supposed to select several members of a -- oh, I better not say it. My dad might be reading this. Let’s call it a boy band.

So it’s time to figure this mess out. That my mom did magic. And so can I.

And I guess I have to beat the bad guys and save the world.

Oh wait. Not the world.

Just me.

Good enough. Game on.

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