Sunday, April 17, 2016

Book 5: Vigilante's Awakening is OUT!

The Vigilante's Awakening, Vigilantes #5

The hot series that began with The Vigilante's Lover returns as Mia enters the world's most powerful network of mercenaries and spies.

Mia never thought she’d kill a man. 

She’s been trained in ways she couldn’t have imagined back in her sheltered small-town days. Threat analysis. Interrogation. How to incapacitate someone double her size. 

And how to finish a job, however it must end. 

Her lover Jax, who was in line to take over the Vigilante network, seems to care more about his marriage proposal than their exciting life ahead. She makes him a promise: just one mission, and she’ll come back and answer his burning question. 

But she had no idea the job would be like this. Someone doesn’t want her to be a Vigilante, and even Jax and his powerful network can’t seem to protect her.