Thursday, August 8, 2019

Love Spell is magically intoxicating


I should have listened to the snarky ferret.

A hilarious Academy Paranormal Romance about parents, shagging, underdogs, and the perfect love potion

I thought flunking out of college was the worst thing that could happen.

But then my mother’s ferret told me I was doomed.

I really should have paid more attention.

Now I have a boy stalking me through a pewter bowl (don’t ask, just know he kisses like fire.)

Some dark enchanter is trying to kidnap me to make golden babies. (No, not literally gold. I mean, I don’t think so.)

And apparently I’m supposed to select several members of a -- oh, I better not say it. My dad might be reading this. Let’s call it a boy band.

So it’s time to figure this mess out. That my mom did magic. And so can I.

And I guess I have to beat the bad guys and save the world.

Oh wait. Not the world.

Just me.

Good enough. Game on.

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